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Everything You Need to Succeed

Step-By-Step Guidance

Nine weeks of LIVE coaching from Roger Love, showing you exactly what you need to do, when, and in what order so you always know exactly how to move forward.

Support & Community

Network with like-minded movers and shakers. Get support from our team and community.

Customized Feedback from Roger

Get Roger’s real-time feedback on your voice and elevator pitch, so that you get the most informed and effective coaching that you can trust.

Outcomes You Can Monetize for Decades

Engage with Roger’s teaching every week, and walk away with a final, polished, and personalized pitch you can use over-and-over again.

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VERY limited opportunity!

In order to ensure that EVERY participant in good standing gets personalized pitch feedback from Roger, enrollment is EXTREMELY limited and could close at any time.

Who needs Pitch Perfect?

Roger’s proven pitch formula can become a game-changing tool if you want to…

  • Close more sales than ever before
  • Secure a prestigious book deal
  • Win the speaking stage of your dreams
  • Deliver your best proposal yet
  • Get so many new clients that you break a record
  • Convince a team to champion your idea
  • Wow people at networking events
  • Sustain the lifestyle of your dreams
  • Get anything you want

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What You're Going to Get

  • Pitch Perfect with Roger Love - 9 Week Live Coaching Program ($9,000.00 value)

  • Exclusive Community Portal  ($497.00 value)
  • 4-Step System to Know Your Voice ($297.00 value)
  • Ultimate Stage Prep Package ($1297.00 value), which includes:
    • "Never Lose Your Voice Again"
    • "The Presentation Planner" Digital PDF
    • "3-Step System to Eliminate Stage Fright"
  • "The Presentation Planner" Hardcopy ($197.00 value)
  • Voice of Success Live Tuition Waiver ($997.00 value)

TOTAL VALUE $12,285.00

3 payments of $697.00

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A Personal Invitation from Roger Love

You got here just in time!

If you’re reading this message, it means you still have a chance to experience my brand new, LIVE COACHING experience…

PITCH PERFECT with me, Roger Love.

Pitch Perfect is the first-ever live coaching program where I walk you, step-by-step through my signature process for successful pitching.

I’ll be there coaching you LIVE, week after week, so you’ll always know exactly what to do and what you need to know, to get to the next level.

The special members of this program get to enjoy incredible access and attention from me that you can’t find anywhere else.  

Each workshop will be recorded and saved in your member’s area for a FULL YEAR, so you’ll always be able to see every workshop, and re-watch anything you want. 

This is an exciting opportunity because I’m all about the SOUNDS you make and the way those sounds make your LISTENERS FEEL. So, what I’ll teach you that no one else can is how to COMBINE my written formula for the ULTIMATE PITCH with the VOCAL PROFILE for delivering it. That special combination of sounds and words is what makes all the difference.

What types of situations will your Ultimate Pitch help you with? 

The answer is--ANYTHING YOU WANT.

YOU get to decide which situation you want to use your pitch for. I’ll be there to personally help you craft, deliver, and perfect it.

PLUS, when you know my FORMULA and have these skills, your potential to create and use NEW pitches is UNLIMITED. 

It’s really important that you understand, my Pitch Perfect program can be the gateway to making your dreams a reality.

You have a choice, right now, to go back to the hard, long road you’ve been running on.

Or, you can take this opportunity, and invest in a skill set that can pay you back for decades to come. And you’ll do it, with total confidence, because you have the “LOVE it” Guarantee.

Right now, you can say “yes” to FINALLY going after what you want, with CONFIDENCE, because you OWN the Ultimate Elevator Pitch for you.

Say “YES” to getting a “YES” from the person who could change your life, your income, your legacy, and maybe even the world. 

Say “Yes” to Pitch Perfect, and I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. 

Yes! Make me Pitch Perfect!

Did You Hear?

When you complete the 9 week program, ONE member of Pitch Perfect will win an in-studio, 1-on-1 vocal strategy session with Roger Love!

YOU decide who wins because you’ll get a chance to vote as a group to determine the winner.

This bonus is priceless, because Roger doesn’t even offer single lessons anymore.

You can’t buy this.

You have to be a part of this incredible Pitch Perfect experience for the chance to win.

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This first-ever live coaching program with Roger Love begins on November, 9, 2019.

Join now to secure your seat and experience the full program.

Secure my seat, now!

45-Day LOVE IT Guarantee

Your enrollment is fully protected under the 45-Day Love It Guarantee!

That means, you can try the training for 45 days and if you show up, practice, implement and still don’t see results, just show us your work, and we’ll refund your entire purchase.

Make Me Pitch Perfect!

Join Now to Experience These Exclusive Bonuses

4-Step System to
Know Your Voice

If you’ve never had a voice lesson or even thought about your voice before, Roger wants to help YOU immediately, and ensure you’re set up to get lasting results. The “4-Step System to Know Your Voice” PDF and online companion portal will fill in the gaps and get you up to speed. It’s also going to give you a lot of clarity and help you quickly figure out where your voice is right now, so you know exactly what to improve NEXT.


Ultimate Stage Prep Package

Everything you need to prep for your best presentation, yet! Includes...

  • "Never Lose Your Voice Again" online video program
  • "The Presentation Planner" Digital PDF
  • "3-Step System to Eliminate Stage Fright" online video program

"The Presentation Planner" Hardcopy

"The Presentation Planner" you can take with you on the go! This special hard-copy edition contains all the questions you need to ask and the details you need to know before you do a podcast, radio show, webinar/livecast, in-person meeting or keynote speech. It’s going to save you lots of time and potentially hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in mistakes avoided.


Voice of Success Live Tuition Waiver

Experience Voice of Success Live, Roger's flagship, annual, 3-day event. Some guests have said it’s the most transformative weekend training they’ve ever experienced. When you enroll in Pitch Perfect, your tuition is waived, just pay the $97 materials fee when you secure your seat.

Voice of Success Live 2020 dates will be announced in early 2020.

Can't make the dates? That's ok! Your tuition waiver is transferrable to another year and you can always gift it to a friend.


Exclusive Community Portal

The more successful you become, the more you need a community of people who UNDERSTAND, support and encourage you to be EVEN BETTER.

As a member of Pitch Perfect, you’ll enjoy access to an exclusive community portal where you can inspire others, be inspired, create a focus group, and network with other rising stars. As you share your pitch, a fellow student may even take you up on your offer or make introductions for you!


What People Are Saying About Roger's Techniques

About Your Coach

Roger Love is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on voice. No other vocal coach in history has been more commercially successful in both the speaking and singing fields. Roger has vocally produced more than 100 million unit sales worldwide and written three top-selling books. Roger coaches singers such as Gwen Stefani, John Mayer, and Selena Gomez, as well as speakers like Anthony Robbins, Suze Orman, Brendon Burchard and Simon Sinek, and screen personalities including Reese Witherspoon, Jeff Bridges, Zoe Saldana, Keira Knightly, Angelina Jolie, Bradley Cooper, and Joaquin Phoenix.

You Asked. Roger Answered.

Q: Roger, if I join Pitch Perfect, do I get personal feedback from you on my final pitch?
A: YES! Pitch Perfect is the only way to get live, personalized feedback from me, without being in my private mentorship program. Everyone who is in good standing by week 8 or 9 of the program will get to present their pitch to me, live. Pretty cool, right?
Q: Is there a payment plan?
A: YES, you can choose to make 3 easy payments of $697.
Q: Does Pitch Perfect have a guarantee? 
A: YES! You’re protected by my 45-DAY LOVE IT results guarantee.
Here’s what that means: you have HALF the program to make sure Pitch Perfect is working for you. So you can try the training for 45 days, and if you show up, practice, implement and still don’t see results, just show us your work, and I’ll refund your entire purchase. 
So, what you need to understand is, when we hit Day 46, this special group is only for committed people who are serious about creating a personalized pitch they can monetize for years to come. If that’s YOU, I want YOU to get my attention, and that’s why we only let committed students continue past the 45 day mark and beyond.
Q: Since we’re headed into the holiday season, will you update the live workshop schedule so we have time to celebrate and travel? 
A: YES! I love the holiday season and spending time with my family is so important to me.  When you join Pitch Perfect, you’ll log into your online portal and find the dates for each live workshop. You’ll see how I added a practice week, AND a week off for holiday celebrations, so you can be totally up to speed AND enjoy this holiday season to the fullest.
Q: Roger, I know having a great pitch matters, but I’m still working on what products or services I’m going to offer. Can I still join Pitch Perfect? 
A: That’s totally ok! Sell your own personal brand and mission OR invent a product and use this as your permission slip and inspiration to go make it happen. And remember, this is a skill you can learn once and monetize for years and years to come, even if your product or service or idea changes.
Q: How much time does it take?
A: Look, you’re a busy person. I’m a busy person. This has to work for both of us! So, I made it really easy to do. Plan on having 1 weekly group call (about an hour), and doing between 20 and 30 minutes of application and practice each week. Of course, you’ll want to be practicing your Daily Warmups 3 or 4 days a week, as well, at a time that works for your schedule. You’ll probably spend more time in the shower each week than you will in the Live Workshop and practices. :) 
Q: How does the SUPER BONUS work? 
A: The SUPER BONUS (1) 1 PARTICIPANT will be voted to win a 1-on-1 Vocal Strategy Session with me! You have to join to be applicable, so be sure to sign up now.
Q: Since your program is called “Pitch Perfect,” does that mean it’s for singers?
A: No, my Pitch Perfect program is for SPEAKERS. The name is a fun play on the words “pitch” like sales pitch, because that’s what we’re going to master for you, and “pitch” like sound pitch, which is perfect because I’m a voice coach teaching you how to make the right sounds with your voice in order to get what you want. Pitch Perfect. Get it? 
Be sure to enroll now, because I’ve limited the number of seats so that everyone can have my personal attention for their pitch.
Q: What can I use my final pitch for?
A: ANYTHING. My Ultimate Pitch Formula can work for almost anything—from selling products to services to business ideas to job interviews, book publishers, networking opportunities, media gigs, keynote bookers and more. And YOU get to decide which situation you want to use your pitch for. PLUS, when you know my FORMULA and have these skills, your potential to create and use NEW pitches is UNLIMITED. 
Q: Can I join later? Life is too busy right now. 
A: Let me ask you something...Are you really too busy to create the most important professional tool you could have? That’s more of a priority problem than a time problem. So, I highly recommend that you join now, especially because it’s only about 90 minutes of learning and applying each week. And if you do get busy, I’ll record all the coaching calls for you, AND you’ll get a chance to request which week you’d like to present, so you have the best odds of it fitting your schedule.
Q: If enrollment closes before I join, when is the next class starting?
A: Frankly, I don’t know when we’ll open the program again, after this. It depends on how much traveling I’m doing for keynotes and clients and shows. We’ll have to see, after this program ends, if I can do it again. I do know that, I’d be really sad if you waited and we didn’t open it again and I never got to help you master your Ultimate Pitch.
So, this is your chance to get in, while you still can.
Q: I’ve been in sales for a while and I’m already pretty good at pitching. Can I join just to qualify for the special bonus to win a 1-on-1 lesson with you?
A: ABSOLUTELY. You might even learn something, along the way….
Q: When does the Pitch Perfect Program begin? When are the final pitch presentations?
A: The program begins on November 9, 2019 and I will start feedback on the pitches in Week 8 AND Week 9, so you’ll have at least two chances to find a date that works for you!
Q: I travel a lot for work and am concerned I will miss the final pitch presentations. Also, it’s the holiday season. Is there another way to get feedback?
A: YES! You can submit your 1-minute pitch to me before your presentation day, and I’ll show it to the group and record my feedback during that session, so that you STILL get personalized help from me. I love holiday festivities and I want to make this so easy for you to participate and improve.

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Please note: we close enrollment as soon as the class fills up. If enrollment closes before we respond to your email, sadly, we will not be able to re-open or make a new spot for you.

To be safe, please carefully read this page to quickly find answers to your questions.


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